Distracting Thoughts I’ve Had When I Should Be Writing



  1. Is that someone at the door?
  2. My elbows sure are dry. I should probably moisturise before that gets out of hand.
  3. How many litres of Coke Zero is too much?
  4. “Windows Configuring Update for Your Computer”? Guess that’s it for the day then.
  5. That has to be someone at the door. Can a strong wind press the door chime?
  6. If I started working out, would a trainer think me wimpy for wanting more repetitions versus heavier weights?
  7. It would be horrible if my tinnitus became full-blown deafness. I hope that it won’t happen all-of-a-sudden and that I have many, many years to avoid having my hearing checked by a doctor.
  8. Is it wrong that I laugh so much at misspelling “shenanigans” as “shenanigangs”? Couldn’t an improve troupe rightly be called a “shenanigang”?
  9. Whatever happened to Fountains of Wayne? Are they still recording stuff? I loved “Hackensack”.
  10. Why didn’t I get a trade under my belt, like plumbing? That was poor planning on my part.