Story Ideas Of Mine That Didn’t Make It Past The Title Stage

  1. Dude, Where’s Your Tsar? (historical romp)
  2. Hello My Name is Lorne Ipsum
  3. Been Drunk in the Wheat So Long, It Looks like Chaff to Me
  4. Mister Perfectt
  5. Namaste, Bitches!
  6. The Dorothy Parker Character Assassination and Vinegar Pie Club Meets at The Broken Arrow Cafe
  7. Another Shit Day in Asstown
  8. This Metaphor is Condemned
  9. Dead Men Knit No Cardigans
  10. Michael Corleone-Type Metamorphosis from Unwilling Participant to Head of the Crime Family But With a Middle Eastern Setting (shelved after a certain FX show hit the air)
  11. From Hair to Eternity: My Battle with Male-Pattern Baldness and Terrible Puns
  12. Who Ate My Parachute?
  13. No Big Deal, But I Think The Work of Carlos Castaneda Is a Bunch of Hooey
  14. Sex Is a Four Letter Word If You Spell it With Two X’s
  15. White Privilege Doesn’t Exist: Dispatches from the Penthouse





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