Mad Men Season 5 – A Little Kiss

"Wasn't this a scene in 'A Shot in the Dark'?"

Don Draper is married and (to the chagrin of those around him), apparently quite happy. Joan is off work with her baby, although it’s not certain what her army doctor husband may suspect about the child’s true lineage. Peggy is still with her underground journalist boyfriend while Pete Campbell is commuting from the suburbs every day after being driven to the train station by his bathrobe-wearing wife Trudie. Roger’s marriage is in decline, as is Lane Pryce’s, although the tightly-wound Brit does find time to pine over a cheesecake photo of a woman in a wallet he finds. Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce survived the blood-letting that resulted from the American Tobacco defection, but still struggles to keep it together. Mohawk Airlines may return to the SCDP fold, but only if Pete and Roger can set aside the sharky office politics long enough to get them to sign. Parties apparently happened exactly the way we saw them on Laugh In and African-Americans are getting quite upset about their poor treatment.

Yes, it’s been a while since we’ve been privy of the dramas at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce (Did Don Draper actually marry that French-Canadian girl Megan? What is the aftermath of Joan and Roger’s post-robbery love child? What’s life like after the loss of American Tobacco?), and those were almost overshadowed by the dramas that played out in the AMC offices (Will Matthew Weiner return as show-runner? How much money did he get to return? How many episodes will young Kiernan Shipka direct this season?). All of the fans sat down to see how Weiner and his team would emerge from the public manoeuvrings and the heavy zeitgeist-bearing load that has befallen the creator’s passion project.

Was he successful? An emphatic, definitive…kinda.

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