Mad Men Season 5: First Look Photos

"Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce reunite for one final album after that rooftop concert devolved into a drunken orgy."

Huffington Post has a slide show with the first pictures from season 5 of Mad Men and already they’ve started the speculations.

At issue is the appearance of a 1954 edition of Life Magazine which features firebrand Rita Moreno on the cover.

The article itself admits to speculation of the Gold Rush variety, which is a fun parlour game. The first thing I think of is Matthew Weiner’s devotion not only to period detail but also his belief (and rightfully so) that everything that exists in a specific year does not have to be only from that year. In such a setting, a ten year old magazine on a coffee table makes perfect sense (if not to a modern audience that, depending on age, doesn’t know what a glossy magazine is if it doesn’t show up on their iPad).

That said, interesting suggestions regarding season five:

  • Don Draper wakes up to discover that 1964 was a horrible, horrible dream (the challenge is to find a way to get Patrick Duffy in a shower)
  • Flashback to when Salvatore Romano was fired only to posit a Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce with Sal heading up the TV department: adding to the confusion is, after contract negotiations broke down, the role is now played by Ray Romano
  • Pete Campbell says something about the “Negro market” to the wrong elevator audience and disappears a la Richie Cunningham’s older brother Chuck at the end of Happy Days first season
  • pictures of Joan Holloway cavorting about in corsets and long sweaters are photocopied and spread up and down Maidson Avenue: Joan admits that most are her, just not the one of her completely starkers because “my skin is way better than that”
  • Paul Kinsey makes the transition to SCDP but is fired because he won’t stop whining

The two-hour Mad Men season five opener  “A Little Kiss” debuts Sunday March 25th

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