Crossword Clues That Suggest Your Favourite Puzzle Maker is Phoning it In (Or Having a Nervous Breakdown)

"Honey? What's a seven letter word for 'simpleton'?"

  1. “Actress Thurman (3)”
  2. “Health club for relaxation, massages, mud therapy (3)”
  3. “Worst occupation for a frustrated novelist and one that his mother promised he would fall into if he didn’t get a law degree (9)”
  4. “Actress Uma (7)”
  5. “Follows ‘A’ but precedes ‘E’ (3)”
  6. “_____ Knock? Who’s There? (5)”
  7. “___ Vegas (3)”
  8. “‘I don’t get no _______’: Dangerfield’s lament, suitable for occupations other than stand up comedy (7)”
  9. “‘There’s Something About ____”; 1998 comedy and coincidentally the name of soul-crushing whore who cheated on me with  my best friend and took all the good  bath towels when she left (4)”
  10. “‘_____ Crowne’; 2011 alleged ‘comedy’; name of ex-best friend
  11. “Jean-Paul Sartre novel; apt description of my feeling when I look over high school yearbooks (6)”
  12. “The thing that a wristwatch helps you figure out (4)”
  13. “I don’t know–what’s the opposite of content? (10)”

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