Pirated DVD Film Review – Horrible Bosses

What’s a Pirated DVD Film Review? Check this:

Otherwise, check this:

"Strangers on a Train" x "Throw Momma From the Train" + Jennifer Aniston aiming for image change - solid screenplay = "Horrible Bosses"--Hollywood math is fun!

Three Americans (Jason Bateman who looks bored, Jason Sudeikis who is boring, and Charlie Day that funny little man from that TV show that’s on TV sometimes) who are happy having jobs but are not happy having unpleasant superiors want their lives to get betterer by having them killed. Jamie Foxx, who is black and has a name in this movie that is a terrible swear word, tells them to exchange murders so they might not get caught for murder, because white American men need all the help they can get murdering people without being brought to justice in their legal system. Everything works out ok without only one terrible person dying and everybody looks like they had fun making this but maybe not as much watching it.


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