One More Sleep!

It is difficult at this critical stage to avoid information about the upcoming season–I mean, this isn’t opera, we don’t have to know the whole story before diving in. But even more trying is resisting the urge to wonder what the next season holds:

  • How will the new Sterling-Cooper-Draper-British Guy firm hold together? I’m sure the scrappy nature of their endeavour will be enough glue to keep the team working as one, but for how long? With any luck, not very long at all.
  • We did see a brief flash of Pete Campbell’s wife Trudy, but how far will she intrude on the inner-workings of the new upstart ad agency, to say nothing of the Pete & Peggy show, a dance that I think isn’t close to over. More prosaic is the concern that actress Allison Brie will have little time to spare her 60’s husband as she is currently a featured player on NBC’s comedy Community.
  • Will Sal have some kind of Hitchcock-like walk-on at some point? Even just looking into a restaurant through a frosted window. Goddamn I’m going to miss him.
  • What role will jock/literary figure Ken Cosgrove play in the new firm? Recent cast photos have featured him but did not fit Paul Kinsey into the frame. Will the painful-sounding “Tapping Maple on a Cold Vermont Morning” short story still have some cache in ’64?
  • And when the words “Mad Men cast member poses for Playboy” are put together, I’m sure this is not the hoped for model–but have no doubt, she’s quite lovely
  • Who’s going to have a medical emergency this season? Don is always cruising for one, but I have a sense that throwing in with a bunch of hungry upstarts might cause more damage to old Bertram Cooper than any one else, including Roger

Out of all this, I have but one iron-clad prediction to make, one I’m willing to stake my reputation upon: by the end of season 4, Don will leave the new agency and head off on an even more uncertain road.

Also, a sung-through musical episode. Holding my breath for that one.

I am also holding my breath for purchases of Kings of Madison Avenue right here!


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