Top Five Reasons I Can’t Wait for Season 4 To Start

  1. It’s not even the end of July and it’s been so hot that I’m making my own ass-crack gravy–watching the Mad Men & Women will surely ease my pain.
  2. Seeing Jon Hamm in the trailer for The Town only whets my appetite…and the movie looks all kind of Heat-inspired good.
  3. News that Kiernan Shipka (aka Sally Draper) is getting her name in the opening credits. She really came into her own in Season 3 and this can only bode well for her character’s involvement in the show.
  4. Waiting to see which characters made the cut and which didn’t (a moment in silence for Sal).
  5. And, possibly finding out how this happened. Although I’m not sure anyone could answer that.

More to come in the days leading up to the big premiere, including a reason as to my long absence (because I know you’ve been wondering) and further musings. Get your Brylcreem ready…

Get Kings of Madison Avenue right here!


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