Launch Day Part Two – Thoughts & Pics from McNally Robinson
I felt quite good on the way to the launch, and why not? The interview at CBC went well, threatening rain pushed past unleashed and Darlene and I were going to Swiss Chalet before the event.

Mistake #1: I listened to the CBC interview before heading to the event. If you read the previous post, you’ve got a sense of how little I cared for my performance. Other than the whole “bubbling” situation, I felt like a dope when I spoke about the troubles women faced in the workplace circa 1960 (which was, like, real hard) and I felt as though my answers were trite.

Mistake #1: We went to Swiss Chalet before the event. This is never a bad thing on its own, but coupled with an upsetting event (say, a poor interview performance) it can lead to ruin; for a big guy like me, being around all those carbohydrates when I’m feeling edgy is like locking an alcoholic in a Vintages.

The book store is quite swank and enticing. A section on the second floor is cleared away for these kind of affairs. Period-accurate chairs and lamp/table were acquired by event planner Carla (who did a bang up job) and I had time to worry about the empty sixty chairs facing me.

Good fortune #1: John Doyle from The Globe and Mail arrived and immediately put me at ease. It is obvious that he is not only a consummate professional, but a snappy dresser, too.

Good fortune #2: People showed up. Friends and family to be sure, but fans of the show anxious to talk about what they’ve seen and thought of the show. As much fun as I had being interviewed by Mr. Doyle, the Q&A picked up some interesting steam, particularly when one audience member happily disagreed with my description of Peggy as “selfish”.

Good fortune #3: Many people said they heard the CBC interview and thought I sounded good. ‘Professional’ some said. Others said ‘polished’. Apparently I didn’t come across as a complete hick and for that I’m grateful.

Good fortune #4: We sold some books. Twenty-five, in fact.

Good fortune #5: Vodka gimlets, canapes and shrimp were served.

Mistake #3: Not acting fast enough with the gimlets, canapes and shrimp.

Next time, perhaps.


One Comment on “Launch Day Part Two – Thoughts & Pics from McNally Robinson”

  1. Kevin Skory says:

    Sorry I missed this, Jesse – Mad Men is my favourite show out there right now (thanks to my wife, who's loved it for a while). I look forward to checking out your book (and don't you look the proper author in those pics!). As James Earl would say, "that Jesse…he's a good kid."

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