Launch Day Part One — CBC Interview

The first thing I think about when approaching the CBC building on Front Street is that I’ve never been inside it before. Next, I realize that all I know about the interior is what I’ve seen on “The Newsroom” and that it actually looks smaller in person than on the small screen. Thirdly, I think that the Star Trek-style sliding security doors don’t look all that forbidding, particularly because they are see-through plexiglass more at home at a drive-thru window than in the lobby of a national broadcaster.

Otherwise, I liked the place. The staff of “Here and Now”, along with host Jane Hawtin, were quite accommodating to an interview newbie like myself. I’d like to thank them in particular for editing out the part where I suggested that Mad Men took place during the Civil War instead of the Civil Rights movement.

Also, anyone who accurately counts how many times I say “bubbling under” and its derivations will earn my lifelong scorn and contempt.

Stay tuned for my riveting account of the book launch. Also, pictures.


One Comment on “Launch Day Part One — CBC Interview”

  1. humanebean says:

    I have an inkling that your lifelong scorn and contempt is far too powerful for mere mortals …Good interview! Hope it had an impact on last evening's event. Listening to recordings I've participated in in the past, I find myself using the phrase "at any rate" approximately 27 times a minute. Hearing it makes me want to adjust the part in my hair with a ball-peen hammer …

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