Let the Media Oversatuation Begin!

On the day of the book launch at McNally Robinson (Wednesday, August 12th for anyone in the GTA), I will appear on CBC’s Here & Now to discuss Kings of Madison Avenue and the impending debut of Mad Men‘s third season. I will do my level best to charm, inform and flatter, then sit back and await the much-lauded Matt Galloway sales bump.

I know it’s radio, but any thoughts on what I should wear? I’m trying to strike a balance between erudite and casual, so I’m thinking calabash pipe and footie pyjamas.

Excerpts of a Jon Hamm podcast interview with ESPN’s Bill Simmons AKA The Sports Guy (how’d he wind up on ESPN?). He fields some tough questions about season three, which he adroitly non-answers, and manages a swipe at both Kathy Griffin and The Wire.

If the promo shot for the season three premiere is any indication, things will just get dicier for Don Draper.

Almost as interesting is the inclusion of KoMA in an Amazon list by customer Michelle Meyer, who raves “I have no idea if this will be any good, but I’m intrigued by the title and will probably pre-order it!”

I will hold you to that, Ms. Meyer.


One Comment on “Let the Media Oversatuation Begin!”

  1. humanebean says:

    Just read about your forthcoming book on Nikki Stafford's blog and immediately headed here for more discussion of Mad Men and the new season to come. As luck would have it, I recently discovered that I will be coming to Toronto next week [just in time to miss the launch] but I will definitely be looking to pick up your book. Best of luck tomorrow and please sell bjillions of the book so that many lucky people who have not yet discovered Mad Men will do so immediately!

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