Sixes & Sevens


This just in: Kings of Madison Avenue ranked on the best-sellers list! As of today, it is #18, 226! Take that Rachel Ray’s Yum-O The Family Cookbook.

Also just in: ranked at a somewhat less inspiring #312, 655 on But who cares about numbers, right?

End of the Line?

I hate to say it (or write it) but I think I’m done revisions on the book. As far as I know, the final mark-ups went to the printer on Friday, so I’m hoping that means it is just about signed, sealed and delivered.

Keith submitted his final final version of the cover which makes the sleek fantasticness of it all even more fantastic. See for yourself:

I will soon post an interview with Keith Berry about his inspiration and work on the cover.

Tete a tete?

Also, I may have news of a possible event for Kings of Madison Avenue that will also celebrate the debut of season three of Mad Men. I won’t go into details, but it includes a book store and two guys on stage talking about the show, one an author and the other a national TV critic.

Hint: one of those guys might be me.


Check out Nikki Stafford’s repost of musings on the mid-summer TV lull.

Otherwise, things are quiet on the Mad Men news front. Nothing but quiet until the third season storm I suspect, but I did come across this interesting tidbit while trolling for information. Not right on target, but still somehow apropos.


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