Kings of Madison Avenue: The Unofficial Guide to Mad Men

A companion guide to the best show on television from ECW Press.

Reveling in the consumerist decadence of AMC’s infamous advertising house Sterling Cooper, this complimentary volume to the groundbreaking series Mad Men provides behind-the-scenes revelations, episode guides, cast biographies, and rich sidebar content, such as “How to Party Like the Mad Men.” Delving beneath the glitz and glamour to highlight the workings of a sophisticated modern classic, this definitive fan guide offers fascinating sociological context and cultural analysis. Included in the fascinating content is the detailing of historical ad campaigns that are woven into the show’s storylines—such as Volkswagen Beetle’s landmark “Think Small” campaign, the Nixon/Kennedy presidential push, and the creation of Lucky Strike’s “It’s toasted” slogan.

“Kings of Madison Avenue”

Contents:How the Kings Roll: What You Can Expect
Smoking, Drinking, Selling: It’s Don Draper’s World and We Just Live in It
Cast Biographies
Jon Hamm/”Don Draper”
Elizabeth Moss/”Peggy Olson”
John Slattery/”Roger Sterling”
Vincent Kartheiser/”Pete Campbell”
Christina Hendricks/”Joan Holloway”
January Jones/”Betty Draper”
Robert Morse/”Bertram Cooper”S
eason One – Detailed episode guides plus:
Context: Gender Politics, Helen Gurley Brown and “Sex and the Single Girl”
Context: Doyle Dane & Bernbach’s “Think Small” Campaign for Volkswagen
Sidebar: Money Part One—Inflation from 1960 to Now
Sidebar: What are they smoking?
Before Sterling Cooper—Recommended Viewing: “Lover Come Back”
Sidebar: How tall is the mayor?
Before Sterling Cooper—Recommended Reading: “The Feminine Mystique”
Before Sterling Cooper—Recommended Viewing: “The Apartment”
Context: Nixon, Kennedy and the Changing Face of American Politics
Season Two – Detailed episode guides plus:
Before Sterling Cooper — Recommended Viewing:” How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying”
Sidebar: Money Part Two — What They Made Then and What They Make Now
Recommended Reading: Richard Yates “Revolutionary Road” and “Disturbing the Peace”
Context: Civil Rights Movement—Dr. Howard Thurman’s “Jesus and the Disinherited” and its Influence on Dr. Martin Luther King
Sidebar: Guest Stars — I know that faceSidebar: Notable Writers and Directors from Mad Men
Before Sterling Cooper — Recommended Reading: “Meditations in an Emergency”
AppendixHow to Party Like the Mad Men
The Perfect Manhattan Rendezvous: An Itinerary for Touring Locations Highlighted in Mad Men.


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